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Special Envoy of President of Maldives Mohamed Saeed Visits China

On February 8, 2018, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Beijing with Special Envoy of President of Maldives and Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed, who was paying a visit to China. Mohamed Saeed introduced the current situation in Maldives and expressed that the Maldivian government remains committed to safeguarding rule of law and order as well as solving the problems confronting Maldives independently, so as to realize national stability and development. Maldives is capable of doing its utmost to protect the safety of the Chinese people and institutions in Maldives.

Wang Yi noted that China pays attention to the evolution of domestic situation in Maldives and believed that the Maldivian government and people have the wisdom and capabilities to properly handle the problems confronting them and restore normal order of the country according to law. China does not interfere in Maldives's internal affairs, which is also an important principle of the Charter of the United Nations. China supports the Maldivian government to solve differences through dialogue and consultation and well safeguard national independence, sovereignty and legitimate rights and interests with all relevant parties in Maldives. The international community should, on the basis of respecting the willingness of Maldives, play a constructive role in promoting stability and development in Maldives. China has provided Maldives with selfless assistance for its economic and social development so far, with bilateral cooperation benefiting all the Maldivian people. We hope China-Maldives comprehensive cooperative partnership will develop onward in a sound and stable manner.

Prior to the meeting, Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou held talks with Mohamed Saeed.

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