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Wang Yi Talks about the Korean Peninsula Situation: Now It Is the Time to Test Sincerity of All Parties

On January 16, 2018 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked about at inquiry his views on the current Korean Peninsula situation with Phoenix Satellite TV in Sao Tome upon the end of his visits to four African countries.

Wang Yi said that just like pouring water into a cup, some believe that it cannot be filled up at all while others reckon that little water is better than nothing. It is the same case with the Korean Peninsula situation. Relaxation is better than tension and dialogue is better than confrontation. For sure, realizing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is our common goal, and the stance of the international community as well as that of China is unswerving to this end. However, one has to complete the journey step by step and eat one mouthful of food after another. Just like mountaineering, one who climbs straight up often encounters insurmountable obstacles, while a roundabout route or a new trail may lead to the shade of willows and bright flowers and open up a fresh outlook. In this way, the goal of denuclearization can also be finally realized.

Wang Yi expressed that at present, the hard-won relaxation of tension in the Korean Peninsula situation is worth being cherished by all. This is the result of joint efforts of all parties, and the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have played positive roles to this end. However, historical experience tells us that whenever the Korean Peninsula situation is easing, there will be interference or even intentional backpedaling. Now it is the time to test sincerity of all parties. The international community should keep its eyes wide open to see who is a promoter of the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and who will become a saboteur that causes a return to tensions of the situation.

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