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Wang Yi: China Will Continue Its All-out Efforts to Search and Rescue Iranian Ships and Crew

On January 13, 2018 local time, when holding telephone talks with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran, Foreign Minister Wang Yi briefed him on China’s latest search and rescue work after the collision took place in the East China Sea. Wang Yi expressed that after the accident, the Chinese government attaches great importance to it. As human life is the most precious, rescue of the life is the top priority. The Chinese government has mobilized ships, equipment and personnel at the first moment and spares no efforts in the search and rescue work. At present, the work is still underway. We have invited professional teams from neighboring countries to participate in the search and rescue operation and also welcome Iranian rescue forces to join us so as to jointly increase the efforts in the search and rescue work. Wang Yi emphasized that as long as there is 1 percent of hope, China will continue making 100 percent of effort.

Mohammad Javad Zarif thanked China for its efforts to search and rescue Iranian crew and expressed the willingness to continue maintaining close communication and cooperation with China in this regard.

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