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Wang Yi Talks about the Status of Jerusalem

On December 22, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the representatives of Palestine and Israel who were in China for the 3rd Palestinian-Israeli Symposium in Beijing, stressing that we should respect the multiple histories, uphold fairness and justice, implement international consensus and achieve peaceful coexistence when solving the status of Jerusalem.

Wang Yi said that, currently, the status of Jerusalem has drawn the attention of all parties. China's propositions are as follows:

First, respect the diversified histories. As a holy site of the three religions, Jerusalem faces complex historical, religious and ethnic factors. For its status and ownership, we should respect the emotion of different religions and ethnic groups, and try to avoid simplifying it.

Second, uphold fairness and justice. The Palestine-Israel issue is a ruler measuring the conscience of mankind, and people around the world will well notice if there is even one inch more or less to any side. Only by fair and impartial consideration of the interests of all parties can we reach a solution acceptable to all parties.

Third, implement the international consensus. The status of Jerusalem should be settled through the final status negotiation by all parties concerned. This is the consensus reached by the international community according to relevant resolutions of the United Nations, the Oslo Accords and other political and legal documents. The more complicated the situation is, the more we should adhere to such consensus.

Fourth, achieve peaceful coexistence. Jerusalem is a common home for different ethnic groups and religions there, and the only practical choice is that all parties are at peace with each other. Both Palestine and Israel need to respect each other' right to exist. In particular, both sides should avoid taking actions that will lead to further deterioration of the situation, and to well restore and maintain peace and stability of Jerusalem.

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