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Xi Jinping Holds Telephone Talks at Request with President Donald Trump of the US

On November 29, 2017, President Xi Jinping held telephone talks at request with President Donald Trump of the United States (US).

Xi Jinping pointed out that Mr. President paid a completely successful state visit to China not long ago, and we exchanged in-depth views on China-US relations and major issues of common concern and reached important consensus in many aspects, which bear great significance for maintaining healthy and stable development of China-US relations.

Xi Jinping stressed that both China and the US should well implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, carefully plan and arrange exchanges at high level and various levels between both countries, well host the second round of four high-level dialogue mechanisms between China and the US, and speed up the implementation of bilateral cooperative agreements and projects. Both sides need to maintain close communication and coordination on major international and regional issues.

Donald Trump extended gratitude again to President Xi Jinping's warm reception he received during his visit to China, and said that China's long-running and splendid history and culture also impressed him deeply. Donald Trump agreed with President Xi Jinping's positive evaluation of the outcomes of the visit and views on promoting US-China relations.

Donald Trump noted that the US has serious concerns over influence of the trial launch of a ballistic missile again by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to international security. The US attaches importance to China's important role in solving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, and is willing to enhance communication and coordination with China, in a bid to find solutions to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Xi Jinping stressed that realizing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, maintaining international nuclear non-proliferation regime, and preserving peace and stability in Northeast Asia are China's unswerving goals. China is ready to continuously maintain communication with all relevant parties including the US, to jointly push the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue towards the direction of peaceful settlement through dialogues and negotiations.

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