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Xi Jinping Meets with Friends of Lao Pholsena Family

On November 14, 2017 local time, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and President Xi Jinping met with friends of the Pholsena family of Laos at the hotel where he stayed in Vientiane.

Xi Jinping expressed that I am very delighted to reunite with my old classmates and old friends after seven years and see all of you lead a happy and healthy life. The Pholsena family is China's good friend and old friend. Over the past years, we are making our contributions to the friendship between the two countries at different positions. I hope you can continuously devote to the cause of China-Laos friendship, nurture your children to be the successors of bilateral friendship and pass down the friendship between our two countries from generation to generation.

Xi Jinping stressed that the friendship between the Pholsena family and China has become a much-told story in the history of friendly exchanges between the two countries, which is a good example of bilateral relations where equality and friendship are valued. You know well about the culture and histories of both countries, and are direct participants in the friendly cause between our two countries, playing a role as the bridge and ambassador of China-Laos friendship. Laos is an "iron friend" of China. Currently, China-Laos relations are developing continuously, offering wider cooperative space for the two countries. During my visit to Laos this time, I have reached new important consensus with the party and state leaders of Laos on deepening cooperation in various fields and building a community of shared future with strategic significance for both countries. We should always remember the traditional history of friendly exchanges between the older generations of leaders of the two countries, continue to treat each other sincerely, keep true to our original aspiration, uphold traditional friendship, and carry forward revolutionary traditions, so as to make contributions to the cause of China-Laos friendship.

Xi Jinping pinned high hopes on the young generations of the Pholsena family, stressing that the youth represents not only the hope of the socialist causes of both countries, but also are the future of China-Laos friendship. He called on them to become the heirs and successors of the bilateral friendship, grip the development opportunity of China-Laos relations and make contributions to building China-Laos community of shared future with strategic significance.

The Pholsena family, excited to meet with Xi Jinping, expressed that they have always been closely following China's development as Xi Jinping's schoolmates, and are pleased to see that Xi Jinping's re-election as General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee at the 19th CPC National Congress. They are touched very much by the fact that Xi Jinping, although being the leader of a major country, cares about old friends so much. Though members of the family are at different positions, they will stay true to the original aspiration and keep mission firmly in mind to make contributions to implementing the consensus reached by leaders of the two parties and the two countries and consolidating Laos-China traditional friendship. The Pholsena family noted that they will not fail to live up to Xi Jinping's friendship with them. They sincerely wished the Chinese people an early success in achieving their strategic goals.

The eldest son Gancho Pholsena, second son Sommano Pholsena, third son Sommad Pholsena, fourth son Sommak Pholsena, fifth son Sompong Pholsena and sixth son Somphone Pholsena, as well as the fourth daughter Khemvieng Pholsena and fifth daughter Khemmani Pholsena of the former Foreign Minister of Laos Quinim Pholsena attended the meeting. They once studied and lived in Beijing in 1960s. Several young descendants of the Pholsena family were studying at Beijing Bayi School with Xi Jinping at that time.

Ding Xuexiang, Liu He, Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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