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Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany

On September 20, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany on the sidelines of his attendance at the UN General Assembly in New York. Both sides mainly exchanged views on the Korean Peninsula situation.

Wang Yi expressed that with the increasingly mounting tension in the current Korean Peninsula, China calls on all parties must stay calm to prevent the situation from losing control. China has always proposed to address the Peninsula nuclear issue in a peaceful manner, and the issue cannot be solved with sanctions and pressures alone in the absence of dialogue and negotiations. The international community should turn the pressure of sanctions into thrust for negotiations at a proper time, create conditions for peace talks and find an opportunity for peace talks. China appreciates Germany for supporting the "suspension-for-suspension" proposal, and encourages the German side to make positive efforts in facilitating peace talks.

Sigmar Gabriel said that Germany is deeply concerned about the current Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and the fact that the international non-proliferation regime is under impact. Germany believes that the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue can be peacefully solved only through dialogue and negotiations, and military means should not be an option. The German side supports the "suspension-for-suspension" proposal put forward by China and appreciates the US's policy of "Four Nos". Germany calls on all relevant parties to resume peace talks at an early date and is willing to play a constructive role in peaceful settlement of the issue.

Both sides also exchanged views on the Afghan issue and other topics.

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