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Wang Yi: 100 Points for 100-day Performance of the Establishment of China-Panama Diplomatic Relations

On September 17, 2017 local time, when meeting the press in Panama City with Vice President and Foreign Minister Iasbel Saint Malo de Alvarado of Panama, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China had waited too long to establish diplomatic relations with Panama. Both sides must seize the day and the hour to develop comprehensive cooperation. We give 100 points to the 100-day performance of the establishment of China-Panama diplomatic relations.

Wang Yi said that over the past 100 days of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Panama, the two countries have set up embassies and all departments have stepped up the alignment work. Both sides have simultaneously launched and discussed a dozen of cooperation agreements, covering economy, trade, investment, quality inspection, maritime transportation, civil aviation, finance, tourism, culture and justice. The two sides aim to prop up the foundation of cooperation between the two countries, so as to build the basic framework for the long-term development of China-Panama relations. Our work have yield fruitful outcomes, and both sides should strive to sign the important package deal upon the visit of President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama to China within this year.

Wang Yi expressed that the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama have sailed through winds and waves, and China-Panama cooperation will surely successfully set sail across the sea. The Chinese side has such determination and confidence, and the Panamanian side also has the same firm will. Since China and Panama boasts the vitality of vigorous development and great complementary strengths, both sides are able to completely accelerate bilateral cooperation. A number of Chinese enterprises came to Panama and built relationships with local business on September 16, signing the export contracts of Panamanian products to China totaled 38.7 million US dollars at one stroke. The only small part of trade between two sides has already demonstrated the edge of bilateral cooperation.

Wang Yi said that we give 100 points to the 100-day performance of the establishment of China-Panama diplomatic relations. For the next step, China stands ready to join hands closely with Panama, continue to strengthen exchanges at all levels and in various fields and increase mutual understanding and trust, endeavoring to accelerate the building of the mansion of China-Panama cooperation.

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