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Wang Yi Attends Inauguration of Chinese Embassy in Panama

On September 17, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama jointly attended in Panama City the inauguration of Chinese Embassy in Panama. Wang Yi noted that despite twists and turns, China-Panama relations have finally embraced the magnificent trend of the times and stepped onto a right road with bright prospects.

Wang Yi expressed in the speech that President Juan Carlos Varela and I jointly inaugurated the Chinese Embassy in Panama, and this is a historical moment for China-Panama relations. The People’s Republic of China has finally got an official diplomatic agency in Panama. The Chinese Embassy in Panama will fulfill its duties, accomplish its missions, well implement the friendly policy toward Panama confirmed by the Chinese government, and work together with all walks of life in Panama to jointly open up a new era of bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation and common development. The Embassy will also provide a warm and new home for overseas Chinese and Chinese-funded institutions in Panama, and whatever needs or difficulties they have, the Embassy will try its best to exclude their difficulties and anxieties and shelter them from the storm.

Wang Yi said that the friendly exchanges between China and Panama enjoy a long history though the two countries are separated by vast oceans. As early as more than 160 years ago, the first batch of Chinese people had stepped onto this beautiful land, and they made indelible contributions to Panama’s development and construction, becoming an important bond linking China-Panama friendship. Here, we want to express gratitude to overseas Chinese in Panama: You have been having a hard time. I wish you good lives and sound careers here, and hope you can develop family-like closeness and live in harmony with the Panamanian people. I also hope that you can stay true to the original commitments, and continue to make contributions to promoting China-Panama relations, so as to make bilateral friendship thrive and be handed down from generation to generation.

Wang Yi noted that despite twists and turns, China-Panama relations have finally embraced the magnificent trend of the times. History will prove that Panama’s establishment of diplomatic relations with China completely conforms to the fundamental and long-term interests of both countries, and will open up broader prospects for Panama’s national development and bring more munificent welfares to the Panamanian people. Here, we would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the friends who had committed to the establishment of China-Panama diplomatic relations. President Juan Carlos Varela’s political decision and his foresight to this end will be written into the annals of history. I am willing to tell you all that President Xi Jinping has invited President Juan Carlos Varela to visit China, which is planned to take place within this year. I believe that Mr. President’s first visit to China will surely be a complete success, and will open up a new chapter for China-Panama relations.

Wang Yi expressed that China-Panama relations have stepped onto a right road with bright prospects, and the road is a road of hope, cooperation and win-win results. China is willing to make joint efforts with Panama to cement bilateral political mutual trust, deepen bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, and consolidate the public opinion foundation of both countries, so as to push forward China-Panama relations for stable and continuous development, and constantly step onto new stages.

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