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Wang Yi Meets with Former Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka of Japan

On September 7, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Makiko Tanaka, former Foreign Minister, daughter of Kakuei Tanaka, and her husband Naoki Tanaka, former Minister of Defense of Japan.

Wang Yi said that Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka made an important political decision 45 years ago, which promoted the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations and unveiled a new chapter of exchange history between China and Japan. China admires Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka's foresight as a politician, and cherishes the memory of his contribution to boosting the development of China-Japan relations. It is hoped that the current Japanese rulers could remember the original intention of the older generation, adhere to a more positive policy toward China, and effectively improve China-Japan relations with practical actions.

Makiko Tanaka and her husband were invited by China-Japan Friendship Association to attend the commemorative reception marking the 45th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan relations in China.

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