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Xi Jinping Attends Dialogue Between Leaders of BRICS Countries and BRICS Business Council and Opening Ceremony of the BRICS Cultural Festival and Photo Exhibition

On September 4, 2017, President Xi Jinping attended and addressed the Dialogue between Leaders of BRICS Countries and the BRICS Business Council in Xiamen. President Michel Temer of Brazil, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa attended the dialogue.

After listening to the work report presented by the representatives of the Business Council and the New Development Bank (NDB), Xi Jinping pointed out that it is pleased to see the fact that the Business Council and the NDB have made significant achievements. The Business Council has carried out a lot of works in the fields of e-commerce, technical development, standard setting, the experience sharing in digital economy and other aspects, receiving sound results. The NDB has pressed ahead the implementation of new projects steadily, with the recent opening of its African regional center, work beginning on its headquarters, and constant progress in business operations and mechanisms construction. At present, there are both opportunities and challenges in enhancing practical economic cooperation among BRICS countries, with the significance and urgency rising. The results made by the Business Council and the NDB demonstrated the vitality and potential of BRICS cooperation. I extend congratulations to the two institutions for their works.

Xi Jinping stressed that during the summit, the BRICS leaders have unanimously agreed to forge the next "golden decade" and elevate BRICS cooperation to new highs. It is hoped that the Business Council and the NDB to make use of the opportunity, aim higher and work harder to achieve a greater development.

First, promote BRICS countries to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. We need to give play to respective advantages and lead business and financial circles to transform the leaders' common ground into concrete action, implement Strategy for the BRICS Economic Partnership and tighten interest bond, so as to achieve common development.

Second, help BRICS countries to realize economic development. We need to follow the latest technological and industrial revolutions, try at first to open up space for the economic development of BRICS countries, and inject new imputes into it. We should comply with the general situation of economic globalization and deepen cooperation with enterprises from other countries, in a bid to drive common development of emerging market economies and developing countries.

Third, boost people-to-people bonds among BRICS countries. During the process of advancing practical cooperation, we should not only pursue economic benefits, but focus on social benefits, so as to make BRICS cooperation benefit peoples and consolidate the public opinion foundation.

At last, Xi Jinping pointed out that on the occasion of ushering in a new decade of BRICS cooperation, I wish the Business Council and the NDB could unite all efforts to make new contributions to a better future of BRICS cooperation.

Other BRICS leaders also spoke highly of works made by the Business Council and the NDB in their speeches, and believed that the two institutions will enhance BRICS cooperation and make greater contributions to the development of BRICS countries.

In the end, representatives of the Business Council of all BRICS countries presented the BRICS Business Council Annual Report to respective leaders.

After the dialogue, leaders of BRICS countries witnessed the signing of four cooperation documents, namely BRICS Action Agenda on Economic and Trade Cooperation, BRICS Action Plan for Innovation Cooperation, Strategic Framework of BRICS Customs Cooperation, and Memorandum of Understanding between the BRICS Business Council and the New Development Bank on Strategic Cooperation.

About 300 people, including members of the BRICS Business Council, representatives from business circle and NDB President attended the dialogue.

On the same day, leaders of BRICS countries jointly attended the opening ceremony of the BRICS Cultural Festival and Photo Exhibition. Xi Jinping and the leaders of other BRICS countries pressed the seal on respective seal pillars, and the images of BRICS countries' Chinese seal-cutting names were simultaneously displayed on the screen in front of them. All leaders jointly initiated the opening ceremony of the BRICS Cultural Festival. Later on, leaders of the five countries visited the BRICS Cultural Festival and Photo Exhibition, and watched the trailer of "Where Has Time Gone", the first film co-produced by BRICS countries.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others attended above activities.

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