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Xi Jinping Holds Telephone Talks at Request with President Donald Trump of the US

On August 12, 2017, President Xi Jinping held telephone talks at request with President Donald Trump of the US.

Xi Jinping pointed out that Mr. President and I held sound meetings in Hamburg, Germany last month. As leaders of both countries, it is very important to maintain close communication on issues of common concern for the development of China-US relations. Both sides should continuously enhance dialogues and communication, promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and properly solve issues of each other’s concern according to the consensus reached by Mr. President and me, in a bid to facilitate China-US relations for healthy, stable and forward-looking development. China attaches importance to Mr. President’s upcoming state visit to China within this year, and the working teams of both countries need to make joint efforts to well make all the preparations.

Donald Trump said that it is glad to hold telephone talks again with President Xi Jinping after the meetings in Hamburg. It is fairly important for President Xi Jinping and him to maintain, communication and coordination on major issues and for both countries to enhance exchanges at all levels and in various fields. At present, bilateral relations enjoy a sound development momentum, and he believed that it could develop in a better way. He looked forward to paying the state visit to China.

The two heads of state exchanged views on the current situation of the Korean Peninsula. Xi Jinping stressed that China and the US share common interests in achieving the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and maintaining peace and stability there. The concerned parties, at present, should maintain restraint and avoid remarks and actions that could escalate tension on the Korean Peninsula. To resolve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, it is ultimately to stick to the general direction of dialogue and negotiation as well as political settlement. China is ready to maintain communication with the US on the basis of mutual respect, so as to jointly promote the proper settlement of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Donald Trump expressed that the US fully understands the role China has played in the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, and is willing to continue to keep close contacts with China on major international and regional issues of common concern.

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