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Wang Yi Calls on EAS to Support the Philippines in Counter-Terrorism Campaign

On August 7, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the 7th East Asia Summit (EAS) Foreign Ministers' Meetings in Manila, the Philippines. Wang Yi called on the EAS to unanimously support the Philippine people in counter-terrorism campaign led by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.

Wang Yi said that the Philippine government is fighting against terrorism in Marawi where wars have broken out. All parties should send out a concerted voice to support President Rodrigo Duterte, support the Philippines and support the Philippine people so as to end this anti-terrorism campaign as soon as possible and bring back peaceful lives for people in Marawi and Mindanao. We should send this voice out from this convention. It is also believed that this campaign will certainly win victory soon. China has provided a batch of emergency assistance to the Philippine side upon request and is also willing to actively participate in post-war reconstruction of Marawi.

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