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Xi Jinping Continues to Attend the 12th G20 Summit

On July 8, 2017 local time, the 12th G20 Summit continued to be held in Hamburg, Germany, and President Xi Jinping attended the Summit.

In discussing the issue of African partnership, Xi Jinping pointed out that supporting Africa's development is conducive to promoting a balanced and inclusive growth of the global economy. China is a sincere partner to boost Africa's development. We uphold the policy concept featuring sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith toward Africa without any political conditions attached and try to help with Africa’s development through tangible projects. At the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2015, China put forward the Ten Major Cooperation Plans to support Africa's development, emphasizing the leading role of African industrialization and agricultural modernization and focusing on the industrial docking and production capacity cooperation, which is in line with the African Union’s Agenda 2063. China hopes that the G20 will increase the concern and investment in Africa's development and jointly implement the G20’s Initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and the Least Developed Countries reached at the Hangzhou Summit. We have always believed that Africa's affairs should be determined by the African people, and that the path of African development should also be chosen by them. Therefore, the cooperation with Africa is required to follow the "Africa-proposed, Africa-agreed and Africa-led" principle and be aligned with Africa's own development plan.

When it comes to the digitalization issue, Xi Jinping stressed that the G20 should work together to build a digital economy that is friendly to growth and employment, so as to open up a broader space for the world economy. First, we should take the initiative to adapt to digital evolution, cultivate new impetus for economic growth, and actively promote structural reform, thus advancing the integration of digital economy with the real economy. We should well implement the G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative and the G20 New Industrial Revolution Action Plan adopted at the G20 Hangzhou Summit Second, we should jointly resolve risks and challenges, and promote the development of digital economy towards a more open and inclusive direction. We should expand access to digital economy and narrow down digital divide between the North and the South. We need to pay attention to digitized production and the impact of artificial intelligence on employment in various nations, and to take active employment policies. Third, we should work together to create an international environment conducive to the development of digital economy and strengthen the docking of development strategy to improve the level of digital applications. We should promote the construction of a cyberspace featuring peace, security, openness and cooperation to explore the establishment of a multilateral, transparent and inclusive international trade rules in digital area.

Leaders present at the Summit also exchanged views on issues such as immigration, health care, employment, and women's empowerment.

The Summit was closed on the afternoon of July 8, local time.

G20 Leaders' Communique Hamburg Summit was adopted at the Summit, and it emphasizes that to face the challenges of the era and shape an interconnected world is the common goal of the G20 as a major forum for international economic cooperation. All G20 members are committed to working together on the basis of the fruitful achievements of the Hangzhou Summit, promoting trade and investment, bringing digital potential into full play, pushing forward the sustainable development and establishing partnership with the African countries so as to achieve a robust, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, shape globalization and benefit all mankind.

Wang Yang, Yang Jiechi and the others attended the relevant activities.

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