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Xi Jinping Holds Telephone Talks at Request with US President Donald Trump

On the morning of July 3, 2017, President Xi Jinping held telephone talks with President Donald Trump of the US at request. Both sides exchanged views on China-US relations and the G20 Hamburg Summit.

Xi Jinping stressed that since the Mar-a-Lago meeting between Mr. President and I, China-US relations have achieved important outcomes. Meanwhile, bilateral relations are also influenced by some negative factors, and China has made its stance clear to the US. China highly values Mr. President’s reiteration that the US government adheres to the one-China policy. It is hoped that the US could properly handle Taiwan-related issues earnestly according to the one-China policy and the three China-US joint communiqués.

Xi Jinping stressed that China and the US should, on the basis of the consensus reached at Mar-a-Lago, firmly seize the general direction of the development of bilateral relations, uphold the principle of mutual respect and mutual benefit, focus on cooperation and handle differences, in a bid to push China-US relations for more tangible progress.

Donald Trump expressed that US-China relations enjoy broad prospects. The two countries share extensive common interests and can bring out the best in each other. He is willing to reiterate that the US government’s stance on continuously upholding the one-China policy remains unchanged.

Donald Trump expressed that with a wide range of topics, the G20 Summit to be held in Hamburg, Germany is of great importance. He looks forward to having in-depth discussions with President Xi Jinping and other leaders about major issues of common concern.

Xi Jinping pointed out that global economy is facing challenges at present. It is necessary for China and the US to, together with other members, enhance the role of the G20 and form concerted efforts. All members should strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation, push the G20 Hamburg Summit for positive outcomes with the theme of "Shaping an Interconnected World", and promote world economic growth.

Both sides also talked about the peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and other issues.

The two heads of state agreed to hold a meeting in Hamburg, Germany, to further exchange views on issues of common concern.

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