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Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan Meets with Wang Yi

On June 24, 2017 local time, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan met in Kabul with visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Abdullah Abdullah said that Afghanistan-China relations have been continuously making positive progress in recent years. The "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping is of global significance and brings about new opportunities for bilateral cooperation. He thanked China for the efforts to promote the improvement of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. As a neighboring country, Afghanistan devotes itself to developing friendly relations with Pakistan as well. Afghanistan is willing to work with China to enhance cooperation in security and anti-terrorism, so as to jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

Wang Yi stated that since Your Excellency visited China last May, both sides have actively implemented the consensus reached by leaders of both countries, and achieved positive outcomes from practical cooperation in various fields. China is ready to, together with Afghanistan, maintain exchanges at all level, join hands to build the "Belt and Road", enhance connectivity and improve people's livelihood, in a bid to advance economic and social development. Wang Yi expressed gratitude for the Afghan side for firmly supporting the crack down on the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. China supports Afghanistan in promoting the inclusive reconciliation process, which is a fundamental outlet of achieving the long-term political stability. The intension of Afghanistan- Pakistan relations does not conform to the common interests of both countries and countries in this region. As a common friend of Afghanistan and Pakistan, China sincerely hopes the two countries to enhance communication, strengthen mutual trust and send out positive signals to the outside, so as to guide a positive expectation of the international community. China is willing to play a constructive role in the improvement of Afghanistan-Pakistan relations.

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