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Wang Yi Meets with National Security Advisor to Afghan President Mohammad Haneef Atmar

On June 24, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Kabul with National Security Advisor to Afghan President Mohammad Haneef Atmar.

Wang Yi said that China and Afghanistan are close friends and friendly neighbors. China supports Afghanistan's efforts in seeking a development path suitable to its national conditions, and sincerely hopes Afghanistan can achieve national reconciliation as soon as possible in order to step onto a road of peace and reconstruction. Only by achieving a broad and inclusive political reconciliation can we truly achieve the ever-lasting political stability in Afghanistan. China appreciates the Afghan government for always staying with the banner of peace negotiations no matter encounters any difficulty. China hopes Afghanistan to enhance internal unity and build consensus on peace negotiations, take active and flexible measures to boost reconciliation process, and well coordinate and take full advantage of peace talk mechanisms like the Quadrilateral Coordination Group of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the US, striving for forming joint forces.

Wang Yi said that Afghanistan and Pakistan are close neighbors, and as a good friend of both countries, China hopes the two countries to improve their relations, rebuild trust, co-exist peacefully and enjoy mutually beneficial cooperation. This is of great significance not only to their own development, but also to regional anti-terror efforts and peace and stability in South Asia. It is necessary to step over the difficulty at all events. Afghanistan is one of the most important partners of China in carrying out anti-terror cooperation. China hopes Afghanistan will continue to provide firm support for the crackdown on the East Turkistan Islamic Movement.

Mohammad Haneef Atmar expressed that the Afghan side is satisfied with the meeting between the two heads of state in Astana not long ago, and is delighted to see the positive progress achieved from bilateral relations. Afghanistan views China as its best friend and partner in all areas and hopes that bilateral practical cooperation shall be further expanded. China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are faced with common challenges and threats and Afghanistan is willing to establish a dialogue mechanism to enhance the trilateral communication. The country appreciates and supports suggestion proposed by the Chinese side. Afghanistan is committed to promoting national reconciliation process, willing to resume talks with the Taliban and welcomes the revival of international mechanisms including the Quadrilateral Coordination Group and liaison group between the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Afghanistan, so as to provide assistance to the revival of peace talks.

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