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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado of Panama

On June 13, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado of Panama in Beijing.

Wang Yi noted that the Panamanian government, has resolutely made the right political decision to recognize the one-China policy, severed “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan and established diplomatic relations with China from the long-term development of the country and the fundamental interests of its people. The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama is a historic step taken by both countries to seek the long-term well-being of the two peoples and abide by the universal wishes of the two peoples. After the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations, Panama has one more trustworthy friend in politics, one more stable and ever-lasting cooperation partner in economy and one more powerful country to rely on with mutual support in international relations.

Wang Yi stressed that Panama recognizes and commits to upholding the one-China policy, which is the fundamental premise of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations as well as the political basis of the smooth development of bilateral relations. It is believed that Panama will strictly fulfill its commitments in the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Panama. China is willing to, together with Panama, comprehensively enhance exchanges and cooperation in various fields, in a bid to benefit the two countries and the two peoples.

Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado expressed that Panama highly values China’s international statues. Establishing diplomatic relations with China is a strategic choice and right decision made based on the long-term and fundamental interests of the country as well as abiding by the willingness of the two peoples, which opens up a new chapter for bilateral relations. Adhering to the one-China policy, Panama will no longer have any official relations with Taiwan. On the basis of mutual respect, Panama will, together with China, become each other’s trusty partner, expand cooperation in politics, economy, maritime affairs, tourism, investment, education and other fields, and jointly promote cooperation between developing countries.

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