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Wang Yi: To Establish Diplomatic Relations Is Panama's Political Decision

On June 13, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the promotion event presenting Jilin Province held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wang Yi said in his speech that today more than 100 foreign diplomatic envoys are present, and I'd like to take the opportunity to share a piece of news with you. This morning, I signed the joint communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Panama with Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo de Alvarado of Panama in Beijing. That is to say, from today, the Panamanian government has severed the so called "diplomatic relations" with Taiwan, and officially established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. From today, Beijing has a new ambassador in its diplomatic mission group, and a new member has joined in China's friend circle.

Some people may ask that is this event coming up all of a sudden? Actually it’s not. It has been a wish of Panama many years ago. They hoped to establish diplomatic relations with China and hoped to do the right thing, which most of the countries in the world have done. Especially in recent years, the demand of the Panamanian side has been more and more urgent, and the wish to establish diplomatic relations with China has become stronger, because Panama has realized that it is not only the general trend and the common aspiration of the people, but also the historical inevitability. It’s better early than late and faster than slow. Therefore, the negotiation between us went smoothly. The Panamanian side showed no hesitation or reluctance, without proposing any premise conditions, and there does not exist the so called "trade". Both Panamanian President and Foreign Minister told us explicitly that establishing diplomatic relations with China is the political decision of Panama, as well as a strategic choice that benefits the national development and the well-being of the people of Panama. China welcomes and appraises such gesture. As an ancient Chinese saying goes "It's impolite not to make a return for what one receives", we are willing to hold the hands Panama extended to us, make friends with the country, and become a reliable and long-term cooperation partner in the future development of Panama.

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