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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Holds Event Presenting Jilin

On June 13, 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the eighth promotion event presenting Chinese provinces themed Open China: Promising Jilin Meeting the World at the Blue Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Secretary of Jilin Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Bayin Chaolu delivered speeches. Governor of the People's Government of Jilin Province Liu Guozhong gave the presentation. More than 500 people including diplomatic envoys and representatives in China from more than 130 countries, international organizations, delegates from industrial and commercial sectors, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars as well as journalists attended the event.


Wang Yi said that today the promotion event held by the Ministry turns its eyes to a northeast province of China, and the protagonist is Jilin. Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and joint effort of people in Jilin, Jilin has overcome various difficulties and challenges, and restarted a new journey of second revitalization in transformation and upgrading, showing great vitality. It is believed that through this event, all attendees would not only appreciate Jilin's splendid landscapes and development achievements, but also have full confidence in the future prospects of Jilin.

Wang Yi thanked all the diplomatic envoys for attending the promotion event, and expressed that expanding relations with all Chinese provinces is beneficial to pushing forward cooperation with China. China is willing to share experience on state governance and administration with vast developing countries, especially experience on those useful practices that Chinese provinces enjoy during their rapid development based on their local conditions. He believed that all diplomatic envoys would get conducive inspiration from the event, and find cooperation opportunities.


Bayin Chaolu said that Jilin is an important old industrial base, a commodity grain base and a frontier province, as well as an important window of "Belt and Road" opening towards north China. At present, Jilin Province is at an important period of a new round of comprehensive revitalization and development with strategic opportunities. A large number of major projects are listed in the "Belt and Road" initiative, a series of policy effects that will accelerate revitalization are being epitomized, and a new "close" and "cleaning" political-business relationship and a concept of "Grand Jilin Entrepreneur" are constructing a fine environment for development. We will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all countries and regions, make full efforts to forge Jilin on the Silk Road and jointly compose a new chapter for open China: promising Jilin. Liu Guozhong presented Jilin in the aspects such as natural sceneries, industrial advantages, agricultural modernization, environment of business operation and innovation vigor and welcomed Chinese and foreign people from all circles to visit, inspect, cooperate and develop their business in Jilin.


Thai Ambassador to China Piriya Khempon, French Ambassador to China Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, Peruvian Ambassador to China Juan Carlos Capunay, and Russian Ambassador to China Andrey Denisov delivered speeches respectively. They thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing an important platform for envoys of all countries to learn about Chinese provinces, and appreciated the achievements Jilin has made in speeding up the overall revitalization of old industrial base. Speaking highly of cooperation progress between their own countries and Jilin in various fields, they looked forward to further enhancing friendly exchanges with Jilin and deepening mutually beneficial cooperation under the "Belt and Road" framework.


Wang Yi, Bayin Chaolu, Liu Guozhong jointly visited exhibition showcasing Jilin's local features and conducted in-depth exchanges with envoys of various countries.

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