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Wang Yi: China Views Its Relations with Iran from a Strategic Height

On May 24, 2017, when meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Rahimpour of Iran, who was in China for the political consultation between the two Foreign Ministries, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China insists on viewing its relations with Iran from a strategic height, and stands ready to, together with Iran, advance bilateral exchanges at high level and all levels, and deepen cooperation in various fields under the "Belt and Road" framework, which will not only benefit the two counties and the two peoples, but also are conducive to exploring a fundamental solution to regional tensions.

When talking about the Iranian nuclear issue, Wang Yi said that China always supports and safeguards the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, and will continue to push all parties to faithfully fulfill the agreement.

Ebrahim Rahimpour expressed that the Iranian side highly values Iran-China relations. President Hassan Rouhani always regards the country's relations with China as the priority of its diplomacy. Iran stands ready to expand bilateral exchanges and cooperation in various fields under the framework of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". The Iranian side thanks China for its important contributions to reaching and implementing the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, and will intensify coordination with China to push the agreement for long-term and effective implementation.

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