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Wang Yi: China and Germany Enjoy Broader Areas that Are in Need of Cooperation and Possible for Cooperation

On May 24, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany jointly met the press in Beijing after their talks.

Wang Yi expressed that in the face of the current uncertain international situation, China and Germany, as the second and fourth largest economies in the world, should further enhance cooperation, and release a positive signal featuring opening up, inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win results to the outside world. It not only conforms to bilateral interests, but is conducive to jointly safeguarding economic globalization and promoting global economic governance, so as to boost a stable and prosperous world.

In a few more days, Premier Li Keqiang will pay an official visit to Germany and hold annual China-Germany prime ministers' meeting. The visit is of important significance to promote cooperation of bilateral all-round strategic partnership in various fields in an overall manner. It is hoped that both countries could, through the visit, deepen cooperation in such areas as the “Belt and Road”, two-way investment, intelligent manufacturing and third-party market, and forge more new kinetic energy, in a bid to elevate bilateral relations to new stages.

Germany will get the baton for holding the G20 Summit in Hamburg this July after the G20 Hangzhou Summit last year, and President Xi Jinping will travel to Germany for the Hamburg Summit. China is willing to fully support and coordinate with Germany, promote the Hamburg Summit for new progress on the basis of the Hangzhou Summit, reach new consensus, and send a positive, clear and robust signal to international economic cooperation and global economic governance.

China hopes to see Germany to play a greater role in international and regional affairs, and firmly support the European integration process at the same time. After visiting Germany, Premier Li Keqiang will also travel to Brussels for the 19th China-EU Summit. Both sides will further explore potential for cooperation and boost negotiation on investment agreement, to inject new kinetic energy for the future development of China-EU relations.

We strongly condemn the terrorist attack happened in the UK two days ago. China is ready to enhance anti-terrorism cooperation and jointly safeguard world peace and stability with all countries including Germany. We agreed that in the face of numerous challenges in international situation, China and Germany enjoy broader areas that are in need of cooperation and possible for cooperation, and the strategic significance as well as global influence of bilateral relations will be further presented.

Wang Yi expressed that China and Germany are all-round strategic partners. The most important implication of strategic partners is that both sides should share mutual respect and equal treatment, understand and care for each other’s reasonable concern on issues concerning respective core interests. I believe that as long as both sides could truly do this, we could continuously enhance political mutual trust, properly solve existing differences and promote bilateral relations to become the model of cooperation between major powers, which not only benefit the two countries, but the world.

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