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Xi Jinping Meets with Special Envoy of ROK President Lee Hae-chan

On May 19, 2017, President Xi Jinping met at the Great Hall of the People with Special Envoy of President of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Lee Hae-chan.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and the ROK are close neighbours. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries 25 years ago, bilateral relations have achieved a leapfrog development, bringing enormous well-being to the two countries and the two peoples, and making important contributions to safeguarding regional peace and stability. At present, bilateral relations are at a key stage. Attaching importance to bilateral relations, China is willing to, together with the ROK, safeguard the hard-won results of bilateral relations, consolidate political mutual trust and properly resolve differences on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual respect, so as to promote bilateral relations to back to normal track at an early date, achieve improvement and development, and better benefit the two countries and their peoples.

Xi Jinping stressed that China adheres to the realization of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, safeguarding its peace and stability, and resolving issues through dialogues and consultations, which conform to the common interests of both countries and the region. China is ready to enhance communication with the new ROK government at this point, ease the situation as soon as possible, firmly promote the denuclearization of the Peninsula, and strive for an early restart of dialogues and consultations.

Lee Hae-chan delivered President Moon Jae-in's holograph to President Xi Jinping. Lee Hae-chan expressed that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between both countries 25 years ago, bilateral relations have enjoyed a rapid development, and cooperation in various fields has achieved substantial progress. Bilateral relations have great potential and broad prospects. The ROK fully understands China's relevant major concerns, and is ready to intensify communication and coordination, and discuss to properly solve issues which hinder the development of bilateral relations with China. Both countries share similar views and propositions on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. The ROK stands ready to make joint efforts with China to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, safeguard peace, stability and security in the Northeast Asian region.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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