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Wang Yi: G20 Hamburg Summit and Hangzhou Summit Could Inherit the Past and Usher the Future

On April 26, 2017 local time, when meeting the press in Berlin together with Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the G20 Hamburg Summit and the Hangzhou Summit can inherit the past and usher the future to jointly boost the strong growth of global economy.

Wang Yi expressed that the G20 Hamburg Summit to be hosted by Germany this year comes at a time when the international political and economic situation is experiencing new changes, which will attract wide attention and shoulder heavy responsibilities. As the G20 presidency last year and the comprehensive strategic partner of Germany, the Chinese side will fully support Germany to well host the Hamburg Summit and comprehensively strengthen bilateral cooperation in the G20 affairs.

Wang Yi pointed out that China and Germany could carry out cooperation centering on "inheriting the past" and "ushering in the future".

"Inheriting the past" means to achieve "seamless matching" between the Hamburg Summit and the Hangzhou Summit. German friends have expressed on many occasions that the Hamburg Summit will keep consistency and coherence with the Hangzhou Summit in topics, outcomes and other fields, which China is gratified with. China is willing to make joint efforts with the German side to well implement all outcomes of the Hangzhou Summit and create favorable conditions for the success of the Hamburg Summit.

"Ushering in the future" denotes that by combining the latest development of international situation, China will intensify coordination with Germany, maintain communication and cooperation with all parities to advance the Hamburg Summit to keep pace with the times, bring new consensus and new outcome from the summit, effectively improve and strengthen global economic governance, and accelerate the transformation of the G20 from a crisis response mechanism into a long-term governance one.

Wang Yi said that in terms of China's expectations, the country hopes that Hamburg Summit will send a clear signal of jointly building an open world economy, safeguarding free trade system and promoting globalization toward a fairer and more universally beneficial direction. China hopes that Hamburg Summit can bring out new measures on innovation-driven growth and structural reform so as to provide strong impetus to world economic growth. The Chinese side expects that the Hamburg Summit could reach new consensus on speeding up the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and helping developing countries, especially African countries, to get rid of poverty.

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