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Wang Yi and Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany Hold the Third Round of Strategic Dialogue on Diplomacy and Security

On April 26, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany held the third round of strategic dialogue on diplomacy and security, exchanging in-depth views on China-Germany relations, China-EU relations and the current international and regional issues. The two sides made a conclusion on this round of dialogue when meeting with the press and agreed that the dialogue was productive with wide consensus.

The two sides agreed to deepen the all-round strategic partnership, jointly well prepare for the high-level visits in the next stage and implement the arrangements for the high-level dialogue and exchange mechanisms in such fields as people-to-people and cultural engagement, finance and security, so as to inject more and new dynamics into bilateral cooperation.

The two sides held the view that the nature of bilateral cooperation in economy and trade is mutual benefit and win-win results with complementarities far more than competition. Against the backdrop of economic globalization facing headwinds and rising protectionism, the two countries, as two major trading countries around the world, should high hold the banner of safeguarding trade liberalization and investment facilitation and release signals of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation. Both sides showed their willingness to create more favorable business environment for counterpart enterprises to invest in their own countries.

Wang Yi expressed that since the establishment of the all-round strategic partnership in 2014, China-Germany relations have entered into a new stage of high-level development. As the 2nd and the 4th largest economies around the world respectively, the two sides not only share great demands for strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation, but also shoulder the important responsibility to safeguard peace and stability. In particular, in face of the complex and volatile international situation, promoting China-Germany strategic cooperation in an all-round manner is of great practical significance. China supports Germany in playing a more important and constructive role in European affairs and global governance.

In terms of the European situation, Wang Yi said that, in the coming few months, France, the UK and Germany would conduct general elections in succession and European people would make important decisions on the development paths for their own countries and the progress of the European integration. The European situation has now entered into a key stage. China’s foreign policy toward European countries is featured by continuity and stability. China hopes and believes that Germany, as a core country in the EU, will continue to maintain stability in Europe. The two sides should join hands to deal with the present uncertainty through the stability of China-EU relations and push forward the progress of the European integration with the positive energy from China-EU cooperation.

In terms of Asia-Europe cooperation, Wang Yi noted that Germany attaches greater importance to the status and role of Asia and China in the present international pattern, and stands ready to pay more attention and increase investment in Asia, which China is gratified with. Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany show support of the international cooperation under the “Belt and Road” initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that she was unable to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing next month because of domestic schedules. However, she will designate Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries of Germany, as the representative of the German government and herself to attend the forum. China welcomes such gesture.

In terms of the EU’s fulfillment of its obligation in Article 15 of the Protocol on the Accession of China to the World Trade Organization, Wang Yi pointed out that China appreciates Germany’s positive attitudes in pressing ahead with the settlement of the issue. China also expects Germany and other European countries to continue to exert positive influence and eliminate the “stumbling block” of China-EU cooperation in economy and trade as soon as possible. The two sides also share wide consensus on signing China-EU bilateral investment agreement and carrying out China-EU free trade cooperation at an early date.

Sigmar Gabriel noted that China is one of the closest political partners of Germany around the world. Germany-China relations gain rapid development in such fields as politics, economy, culture and security, which draws wide attention. The rapid development was achieved on the basis of high-level mutual trust, and it was also the result of the two countries seeking common grounds while reserving differences with various histories, cultures and social systems. In the field of economy and trade, China is gradually opening its market to the world, which cannot be accomplished at one stroke. Germany shows understanding about the process. However, as what China has said, China will never close its door once it is opened and Germany is confident that China will definitely open its door wider to the world. The economic exchanges and trade between the two sides focus on mutual benefit and win-win results, and it is a common goal for Germany and China to build open markets and equal partnership. This year, Germany and China will start up the high-level dialogue and exchange mechanism in people-to-people and cultural exchanges, which will strengthen personnel exchanges and consolidate public opinion foundation for the development of bilateral relations. Germany supports the “Belt and Road” initiative put forward by China and is willing to strengthen practical cooperation under the “Belt and Road” framework. At present, many issues around the world cannot be resolved without China’s participation and supports. Attaching great importance to China’s important status and role, Germany is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in international and regional issues. The country is very confident in the development prospects of Germany-China all-round strategic partnership.

The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on the nuclear issue of Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Syrian issue and other topics of common concern. Both sides advocated settling disputes through peaceful resolutions and negotiations, and jointly safeguarding international and regional peace and stability.

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