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Wang Yi Talks about Three Important Consensus Reached at Ancient Civilizations Forum

On April 24, 2017 local time, when attending the first Ministerial Conference of the Ancient Civilizations Forum and meeting the press, Foreign Minister Wang Yi summarized the three important consensus reached at the Forum, namely peace, inclusiveness, and cooperation.

Wang Yi noted that the reason why China supports to hold the Ancient Civilizations Forum is that facing the uncertainties and instabilities in the international environment, people need to draw nutrition and inspiration from the splendid cultural heritage and the long-standing cultural traditions to get wisdom and measures to solve the current problems. Our gathering today is just a beginning, however, I think we have reached three important consensus:

Firstly, peace. As original ancient civilizations, over the past thousands of years, we have experienced many rises and falls of dynasties and empires, and witnessed numerous wars, poverty and turmoil on the planet. It is us who understand and cherish most the importance of peace. The creation and maintenance of peace is our common responsibility. Any international or regional disputes should be resolved through peaceful means rather than resort to force, so as to make sure that war will not recur.

Secondly, inclusiveness. Every civilization has its own characteristics and origins. It is the differences among us that make the world colorful, facilitating the great development process of human civilization. An ancient Chinese philosopher says: “Gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity”. Learning to appreciate differences among us, and based on this to seek and achieve harmony is the essence of our culture the inclusiveness of our nations. There is neither lowliness nor nobleness in civilizations. We reject the sense of superiority of any civilization to others, for all civilizations are equal. We should be inclusive and learn from one another to make progress together.

Thirdly, cooperation. As original civilizations, we all have glorious past, but today we need to create a new and bright future. We are all facing with common goals of improving people’s well-being, revitalizing economy and achieving national rejuvenation. We should join hands to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, so as to achieve common prosperity.

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