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Wang Yi Expounds China's Stance on Syrian Issue

On April 13, 2017, when jointly meeting the press with Foreign Minister Riad Al-Maliki of Palestine after their talks in Beijing, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded China's stance on the situation of the Syrian issue.

A journalist asked that recently, the antagonism of the Syrian issues has increased obviously, the Syrian territory has occurred suspected chemical-weapons attacks. The US launched attacks on the air base in Syria, and the UN Security Council Resolution relating to the Syrian chemical weapons did not pass. What is China's comment?

Wang Yi expressed, it is worrying that the situation in Syria has become tense once again. I want to stress China's basic stances and propositions:

Firstly, China firmly opposes any illegal approaches of using chemical weapons, and strongly condemns such actions. China supports to carry out independent and comprehensive investigation into the chemical attack happened in Syria, so as to obtain reliable conclusions. If there are some actions, then they should be within the framework of the UN and in accordance with the purposes of the UN Charter as well as the basic norms of international relation. The Chinese side adheres to the consensus and makes efforts to the last minute in the discussion of the UN Security Council. We always advocate the UN Security Council to safeguard unity and build consensus.

Secondly, Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity should be maintained and respected. The Syria's own problems should be decided independently by the Syrian people in the future political progress on the basis of Syrian-led principle.

Third, the political settlement is the only correct way to cope with the Syrian issue. To this end, China urges all relevant parties, especially the US and Russia to enhance communication and coordination, and evade conflict and confrontation. At the meantime, we call on the international community to maintain unity, and continuously support the UN to play a role as the main channel. Recently, Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on Syrian Issue Xie Xiaoyan will visit relevant countries once again to exchange in-depth views with relevant parties on the situation in Syria and actively play a constructive role in it.

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