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Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand Jointly Visit Research and Development Center of Haier and Fisher & Paykel in Auckland, Stressing to Deepen China-New Zealand Innovation Cooperation and Jointly Open up a Larger Market

On the morning of March 28, 2017 local time, Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand jointly visited the research and development center of Haier and Fisher & Paykel in Auckland.

The Fisher & Paykel is the largest household appliance brand in native New Zealand. China's Haier Group integrated its scale advantages with technical expertise of Fisher & Paykel, and established the R&D center with strong alliance of the two sides in August, 2014. It has developed a number of household appliances with cutting-edge technology.

When Li Keqiang and Bill English arrived at the center, staff from China, New Zealand, Australia and other countries warmly welcomed them at the gate and briefed them on the situation of the R&D center's international layout, operation idea, product technical principle and market development, and presented the performance of the latest products at the scene. Li Keqiang inquired in detail about the characteristics of relevant technology now and then, and interacted with the staff. Premier Li showed much interest in such keywords as energy conservation, low noise, high efficiency, and artificial intelligence.

Li Keqiang stopped in front of the display of "Integrating Order with Personnel" model at explanation center. The staff at the center introduced that this model is to connect all production factors, and share information through the platform of industry internet. Designers and assembly line workers, as well as suppliers and consumers could upload their recommendations for product improvement to the platform, so as to make their own contributions to technical research and development as well as innovation. Li Keqiang appreciated that this way could pool all wisdom and strengths and give better play to human's creativity. He encouraged technicians of both countries to make use of their respective advantages and enhance innovation cooperation, in a bid to bring out more innovative technology and high quality products.

Li Keqiang expressed that innovation is the top driving force of development. China is speeding up the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, and promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The practice of bilateral cooperation shows that we could fully research and develop the world-leading products through making use of complementary advantages and strong alliance of both sides. Both China and New Zealand could not only conduct bilateral cooperation, but jointly open up the third-party market, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win, multi-win and all-win results.

On the afternoon of March 27, 2017 local time, Li Keqiang left Wellington for Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand by a special plane to continue his official visit to the country. Mme. Cheng Hong´╝îwife of Premier Li Keqiang's, arrived in Auckland by the same plane.

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