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Li Keqiang's Messages when Visiting Commemorative Exhibition of the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Rewi Alley with Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand: Inherit and Carry Forward the Spirit of Rewi Alley and Constantly Enhance China-New Zealand Friendly Relations

On the morning of March 28, 2017 local time Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Bill English of New Zealand jointly visited in Auckland the commemorative exhibition of the 120th anniversary of the birth Rewi Alley, an international friend of China.

Rewi Alley was an old friend of the Chinese people. This famous New Zealand social activist had made great contributions to the Chinese people's fight against fascist invasion, the economic construction of the People's Republic of China and the friendship between China and New Zealand. 2017 marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Rewi Alley, the 90th anniversary of his arrival in China as well as the 30th anniversary of his death. In this regard, the two sides agreed to hold a series of commemorative activities for him.

At around 11 a.m., Li Keqiang walked into the exhibition hall accompanied by Prime Minister Bill English. The Chinese Primer and Prime Minister of New Zealand watched the pictures of Rewi Alley's lifetime and listened to explanation of Patrick Alley, the nephew of Rewi Alley. Frames of valuable photos not only showed the precious moments of Rewi Alley, his 60 years of work and life and fight with the Chinese people side by side in China since 1927, but also showed his connection with the glorious time of the Chinese nation from fighting against foreign aggression, resurrection, to peaceful development. Li Keqiang watched the pictures attentively and listened carefully to every detail. He occasionally stopped in front of the pictures and talked with Patrick Alley.

Li Keqiang held the hand of Patrick Alley and said that I once met with him in his later years. Although he was old then, he was still dedicated to social activities between China and New Zealand. Rewi Alley was a respectful old friend and good friend of the Chinese people. He devoted his whole life to the national independence and national construction of China. Especially in the anti-fascist war, he worked and fought with the Chinese people. The Chinese people will keep this history in mind forever. I hope that our two countries will continue to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Rewi Alley and continue to promote friendly relations between China and New Zealand.

Before the visit, Li Keqiang and Bill English jointly met members of Council for Promotion of China-New Zealand and thanked them for their important role in promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and New Zealand and encouraged them to make greater contributions to China-New Zealand friendship.

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