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Wang Yi: The Partnership China Advocates Has Four Distinct Features

On March 20, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed at the annual meeting of China Development Forum that the partnership China advocates has several distinct features that are different from traditional theories of international relations:

The first is to seek peaceful cooperation. The partnership that China advocates does not set imaginary enemies or target at any third parties. It commits to dealing with exchanges between countries through the concept of win-win results rather than zero-sum outcomes, attaches importance to seeking the convergence of the common interests of various countries and thus provides positive energy for the international community to enhance dialogues and cooperation and avoid conflicts and confrontations. The second is to insist on equal treatment. The partnership that China advocates is based on the principle of equality among all countries, respects sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of each country, respects each other's core interests and major concerns, respects every country's own choice of social system and development path and thus injects new impetus into every country's equal participation in international affairs and the advancement of democracy and rule-of-law in international relations. The third is to advocate openness and inclusiveness. The partnership that China advocates complies with the world's general trend of interdependence, conforms to the universal aspiration of all countries getting along friendly, and commits to learning from each other's strong points to offset one's weakness in exchanges and mutual learning and making common progress in seeking common points while reserving differences. The fourth is to stress shared and win-win results. The winner taking all or paying attention to one's own moral uplift without thought of others is not only inopportune, but counterproductive. The partnership that China advocates aims to make the cake of interests bigger through cooperation and share the fruits of success to achieve common development and prosperity.

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