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Wang Yi: The Korean Peninsula Situation Faces Two Types of Prospects and We should Make Wise Choice

On March 20, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed at the annual meeting of China Development Forum that recently, the Korean Peninsula situation has been once again heating up and escalating. There are two types of prospects in front of us, one is to allow the confrontation to continue to escalate, and ultimately to the conflict or even war; one is that all parties stay calm and jointly pull the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue back to the track of political and diplomatic settlement. It is not difficult to answer the questions that which prospect has more advantages rather than disadvantages, and which path is more effective and feasible. As long as there are possibilities to conduct dialogues, we should catch them; as long as there are possibilities for peace, we should not give up.

Wang Yi noted that for a long time, China has upheld the general goal of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and made unremitting efforts to the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issues. Facing the new situation, China once again put forward its proposals, namely, the dual-track approach of realizing denuclearization while establishing a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula at same time, and the suspension-for-suspension proposal that suspends the Democratic People's Republic Korea's missile and nuclear activities as well as the large-scale military exercises between the US and the Republic of Korea as the first step to initiate the dual-track approach. China's proposals and plans aim to find the breakthrough in resumption of talks. Taking the "ripe fruits" first is not only realistic and feasible, but also fair and reasonable. As an old Chinese saying goes "after endless mountains and rivers that leave doubt whether there is a way out, suddenly one encounters the shadow of willows, bright flowers and finds the path to another village." It is believed that as long as we change mindset, adopt innovative thinking, and take a more flexible and practical attitude, we are likely to seek a way out amid crisis and find opportunities among challenges.

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