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Xi Jinping Meets with Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve of France

On February 22, 2017, President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve of France at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and France are comprehensive strategic partners, and both countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council. Sound and stable China-France relations conform to the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples, and also meet the needs of world peace and development. Since China and France opened up a new era of a close and sustained comprehensive strategic partnership in 2014, bilateral cooperation and exchanges in various fields have become smoother and more efficient; people-to people and cultural exchanges have been enhanced, and regional cooperation has been in the ascendant. China and France jointly facilitated the success of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris and the G20 Hangzhou Summit. China is willing to make joint efforts with France to maintain the sound development momentum of China-France relations.

Xi Jinping stressed that the most important reason for the smooth development of China-France relations is that we always adhere to mutual respect and equal treatment, earnestly understand and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns, and support each other on major issues. Both sides should focus on the implementation of key projects, maintain the development momentum of cooperation in emerging areas, fully motivate and give play to the enthusiasm and initiatives of the two countries' enterprises and regions and align "Made in China 2025" with France's development strategy of "Industry of the Future". China welcomes France to participate in the "Belt and Road" construction and supports cooperation between both countries' enterprises within the "Belt and Road" framework. China stands ready to deepen law-enforcement and security cooperation with France.

Xi Jinping pointed out that China and France should strengthen cooperation in international affairs, support the process of multi-polarization, and safeguard the basic principles of international relations based on the UN Charter and push for the peaceful settlement of international and regional hotspot issues. Both countries should jointly and unequivocally fight against protectionism in any form and propel an economic globalization featuring more openness, inclusiveness, shared benefits, balance and win-win results. Both countries should continue to push forward the reform on global governance, safeguard the achievements in global governance including the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, promote cooperation within the G20 framework, actively implement the consensus reached at the G20 Hangzhou Summit, and push the G20 Hamburg Summit for positive results. China supports the European integration process, and is willing to make joint efforts with the EU side to advance the establishment of the four major China-EU partnerships of peace, growth, reform and civilization in a bid to better achieve win-win cooperation.

Bernard Cazeneuve expressed that France is committed to pushing the development of France-China comprehensive strategic partnership for fruitful achievements. Under the current complicated and changing European and international situation, China's international influence is of great significance. France thanks China for the important role it played in the success of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. France is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in economy, trade, scientific and technological research, nuclear power, aviation and aerospace, automobile manufacturing, infrastructure construction within the "Belt and Road" framework and other fields. As permanent members of the UN Security Council and important members of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, both France and China should enhance cooperation in international affairs, make joint efforts to propel multilateralism and safeguard world peace and stability. France will continue to actively push Europe-China relations based on mutual trust for greater development.

Yang Jiechi and others attended the meeting.

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