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Wang Yi: China Welcomes China-Mongolia Relations to "Get Fully Ready and Move on"

On February 20, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi jointly met the press in Beijing with Foreign Minister Tsend Munkh-Orgil of Mongolia after holding talks.

Wang Yi expressed that China and Mongolia are important close neighbors, and both sides will regard developing China-Mongolia relations as an important direction of foreign policies. Bilateral relations in recent years have maintained a sound development momentum, and both sides have established and are promoting comprehensive strategic partnership. Last year, China-Mongolia relations once experienced twists and turns, but after that Mongolia took positive measures to respond to China's concerns. Just now during the talks, Mongolia once again confirmed respect for China's core interests. China-Mongolia relations can be considered to "get fully ready and move on" and China welcomes such resolution.

Wang Yi stated that we carried out in-depth communication on enhancing bilateral high-level exchanges, practical cooperation in various fields and cooperation in international and regional affairs in the next stage, and reached a great deal of new consensus.

China appreciates Mongolia for reiterating to adhere to the one-China policy, and both sides should jointly safeguard the political foundation and mutual trust of China-Mongolia relations.

China welcomes Mongolian leaders to attend the International Cooperation Summit Forum on the "Belt and Road" Initiative. Both sides agree to hold the 2nd meeting of the China-Mongolia Joint Committee on Mine and Connectivity Cooperation and the 2nd meeting of the China-Mongolia Parliamentary Exchange Mechanism as soon as possible so that strategic dialogues between foreign ministries and others can continue to play their roles as communication channels.

China supports Mongolia to overcome the current economic difficulty, supports international financial institutions to provide assistance to Mongolia, stands ready to proactively think about Mongolia's expectations in extending the China-Mongolia Currency Swap Agreement, expanding export of Mongolia's mineral, agricultural and animal husbandry products and other aspects, and will accelerate the implementation of China's non-reimbursable assistance to Mongolia and the preferential export buyer's credit project.

The two sides have completed the approval of the Agreement on Mongolia's Entry into and Exit from Ocean and Transit Transportation through the Territory of China, agreeing to speed up the signing of relevant documents in terms of the docking of development strategies, enhancing production capacity investment, and cross-border economic cooperation zones of the two countries, and carry out the joint feasibility study on the China-Mongolia free trade agreement as soon as possible. China will continue to provide facilitation and support to Mongolia in transit transportation, sea gate and other fields. The two countries will also further implement the consensus reached by leaders of both sides, promote cooperation in traditional fields such as mineral exploitation and infrastructure construction, and at the same time actively conduct cooperation in house amelioration, agriculture, animal husbandry and other new fields that will help improve the Mongolian people's livelihood.

The two sides agree to strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges and consolidate the public opinion and social foundation for the friendship between the two peoples. China welcomes Mongolia to issue a package of measures to facilitate visa procedures for Chinese nationals. China is willing to make joint efforts with Mongolia to promote the construction of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and stay committed to regional peace and development. China is also willing to support Mongolia to actively participate in international and regional affairs. It is believed that China-Mongolia relations will move on to a path of healthy and stable development.

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