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Wang Yi: Constantly Uphold Multilateralism

On February 17, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a keynote speech at the 53rd Munich Security Conference. He expressed that history has repeatedly told us that the practice of unilateralism of seeking benefits for itself at the expense of others and acting as a hegemon will only exacerbate tensions and conflicts and bring about more contradictions. Multilateralism is an effective way to safeguard peace, advance development and resolve global issues. Over the past 70 years after the Second World War, many multilateral institutions, represented by the UN, have made unremitting efforts in safeguarding world peace and promoting human development, yielding historic results. At present, the numerous conflicts and confrontations we are facing are exactly due to the violation of the purposes of the UN Charter and the abandonment of basic norms of international relations that are recognized by all. Therefore, far from being outdated, multilateralism should be carried forward. Facing a chaotic world, the authority of the UN needs to be safeguarded rather than destroyed, and the role of the UN should be strengthened rather than weakened. As long as all countries truly abide by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, it is absolutely possible to settle disputes peacefully, avoid conflicts and confrontations and achieve win-win cooperation on the basis of peaceful coexistence.

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