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Wang Yi: Major Countries Ought to Shelter all Countries in the World from Wind and Rain, Instead of Confronting Each Other

On February 17, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a keynote speech at the 53rd Munich Security Conference, and expressed that all countries of different sizes are absolutely equal. Meanwhile, with more resources and stronger capacities, major countries have the responsibility as well as obligations to play a greater role in safeguarding international peace and security, and make more contributions to promoting human development and progress. No matter in which era, if major countries stay in harmony, the world will be peaceful and stable; if major countries become hostile, the world will be under conflicts and unrest. Facing various global challenges at present, major countries should put emphasis on the overall situation of peace and development for mankind, make joint efforts and help each other in a bid to shelter all countries in the world from wind and rain, instead of acting in their own way, managing alone or even confronting each other. China has always been a responsible major country. We are willing to peacefully coexist and sincerely cooperate with other counties in the world.

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