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Wang Yi Talks about How to See the Challenging World

On February 17, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a keynote speech at the 53rd Munich Security Conference. He said that the world is facing a series of new challenges such as severe terrorist threats, depressed and unbalanced world economy, exacerbating geopolitical conflicts, intensifying refugee crisis, as well as setbacks in globalization and regional integration. What is happening to the world? This is a vital issue about the future and destiny of mankind.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "history is a mirror that reflects the vicissitude of life. Looking back through history, we have reached intersections of existence and development again and again, making far-reaching historic decisions between peace and war, cooperation and confrontation, openness and closed down. Once we made the right choice, peace and development comes; but once we made the wrong choice, we pay the price of war and blood.

Wang Yi said that maybe now we are really standing at an intersection in history again. But totally different from the past, we have been in a world where the interests of all countries are converged and human destiny is inseparable, and we might be unable to bear the cost of making mistakes. As a key member of the international community, China certainly cannot and will not keep out of the affair at this important moment.

We do not think that globalization is fierce flood or a savage beast, and we cannot simply attribute various problems at present to it. Instead, we should guide and improve globalization and make it more balanced, more inclusive, more beneficial and more sustainable.

We do not think that the world is out of order. The international order and international system established after the World War II still play an irreplaceable and critical role in keeping world peace and development, and should continue to be upheld and maintained.

We do not think that there is a development path or development model that could be universally suitable or an "end of history". The key is to conform to the national conditions of each country, win the support of its people, and meanwhile conduct mutual learning and exchanges in the spirit of mutual respect, so as to learn from each other and make common progress.

We do not think that various kinds of global challenges including terrorism are invincible, but we should find out the root causes and effectively deal with them through international cooperation and comprehensive management.

We think that peace and development are still the main themes of the world today. If all the countries strictly obey the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, disputes could be peacefully settled; conflicts and confrontation could be avoided, and win-win cooperation could be realized on the basis of peaceful coexistence.

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