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Wang Yi Talks about the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue: Resuming Talks is Still Possible and Achieving Peace is Still Promising

On February 17, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi answered on-spot questions on the Korean Peninsula situation after he delivered a keynote speech at the 53rd plenary session of the Munich Security Conference. Wang Yi said that there are always two ways to resolve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue: one is dialogue and the other is confrontation. Dialogues and negotiations on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue continued from 2003 to 2009. Despite various twists and turns, the nuclear missile development of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) could be effectively managed and controlled and the Korean Peninsula situation could remain stable on the whole as long as negotiations continued. However, the Six-Party Talks were completely interrupted after 2009 and the DPRK nuclear issue gradually entered the confrontation channel, presenting a negative loop of nuclear tests, sanctions, re-tests and re-sanctions. Such situation should not last! It will be an all-lose situation as the parties involved may all be unable to bear the consequence.

China believes that resuming talks is still possible and achieving peace is still promising. We will certainly continue to strictly enforce the UN Security Council resolutions (UNSCR), especially the UNSCR 2270 and the UNSCR 2321 so as to earnestly give play to their due roles. At the same time, efforts made to resume talks should never stop as it is also included in provisions of the UN Security Council resolutions. Here, China calls on all parties to refrain from any actions that will escalate the tension, but to jointly explore and seek a breakthrough point in resuming negotiations and return to the negotiation table in a manner acceptable to all parties. In this regard, it is necessary for the US and the DPRK, as the most direct parties involved, to make political decisions as soon as possible. As the largest neighboring country of the Korean Peninsula, China is willing to continue the mediation efforts and play a positive role.

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