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Wang Yi: Developing Partnerships towards Africa Brings Tangible Benefits to the African People

On February 17, 2017 local time, when attending the G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting in Bonn of Germany, on the issue of partnerships towards Africa, Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that for the partnerships to achieve results, the first is to adhere to paying equal attention to peace and development; the second is to follow the "Africa-proposed, Africa-agreed and Africa-led" principle; the third is to take actions to support and help Africa. To be more specific, we should promote peace in Africa to safeguard the development of Africa, build the industrial layout to strengthen the economic growth impetus in Africa, solve livelihood issues to shore up Africa's shortages in development, and give play to respective advantages and characteristics to forge a synergy to support Africa's development.

Wang Yi said that China is implementing President Xi Jinping's concept of sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith towards Africa, actively participating in UN peacekeeping operations in Africa, and supporting African countries and regional organizations to solve problems on their own. In response to the demands of African countries, China has vigorously carried out cooperation in poverty alleviation, benefiting the people, public health and educational training, and relieved the debts of African countries for several times. China has aided and financed African countries to build more than 5,000 km railways and roads, over 200 schools and nearly 100 hospitals and train more than 160,000 personnel in Africa. China has sent 43 medical teams in 42 African countries, and treated 280 million African patients in total. Under the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, China carried out the "ten major China-Africa cooperation plans" and proposed to draw up the G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and the Least Developed Countries during the G20 Hangzhou Summit, winning supports from various parties. We believe that Africa will embrace a brighter future.

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