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Wang Yi: LMC Is a New Type of Sub-regional Cooperation Mechanism

On December 23, 2016, after the second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Chinese and foreign journalists that the LMC is a new type of sub-regional cooperation mechanism voluntarily initiated by the six countries in the region. Comparing with other Mekong cooperation mechanisms, the LMC has the following prominent characteristics:

First, the LMC is more down to earth. It was tailored for the six countries and thus fits more with the needs of the six countries. It focuses on bringing tangible and substantial welfare to the people of the six countries.

Second, the LMC values more on actions. The LMC is project-based and highlights results and efficiently. It seeks to reduce as many unnecessary procedures and meetings as possible, and bring tangible benefits to sub-regional development through implementing specific projects.

Third, the LMC focuses more on comprehensiveness. Unlike other sub-regional cooperation mechanisms that focus on one single area, the LMC covers three areas, namely politics, economy and sustainable development, and social humanity, which is beneficial to its comprehensive integration with the construction of the ASEAN community and enhancing the level of regional cooperation.

Fourth, the LMC emphasizes more on inclusiveness. The LMC is not intended to replace existing Mekong cooperation mechanisms, but rather to complement, promote and supplement each other, conduct coordinated development as well as give play to each other's advantages so as to jointly boost the development and prosperity of the sub-region. Facts have proven that the LMC is playing an active role in driving and promoting the development of other sub-regional cooperation. China is willing to continue to participate in various Mekong-related cooperation mechanisms in an appropriate manner and also welcomes countries within and outside the region to support and participate in the LMC process.

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