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Wang Yi: LMC is in Action

On December 23, 2016, after attending the second Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Chinese and foreign journalists that since the first LMC Leaders’ Meeting, the LMC has made important and prominent achievements. The LMC is in action, which presents satisfactory speed and efficiency of itself.

Wang Yi said that in less than one year, the six countries have established a whole set of working mechanisms and platforms including Leaders' Meeting, Foreign Ministers' Meeting, Senior Officials' Meeting and Working Groups Meeting. Among 45 early harvest projects, half of them have been completed or are being implemented. The preparation of joint working groups in five priority areas is under orderly progress. The financing supporting mechanism of the LMC is in full swing and some major projects have been put into practice. The fundamental reason of so many achievements from the LMC in such a short time is that it conforms to the six countries’ urgent wishes of enhancing mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as complies with the epochal trend of regional economic integration process.

Wang Yi pointed out that we have put forward the goals in the next stage at the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting this time. First is to fully establish joint working groups in five priority areas and put it into effective implementation in three to six months. Second is to encourage all countries to set up LMC secretariats or coordination institutions respectively in the next year. Third is complete all 45 early harvest projects or obtain substantial achievements within 2017. Fourth is to draft a list of new cooperation projects and a five-year action plan of the LMC, and submit them to the second LMC Leaders’ Meeting for review and endorsement. Fifth is to officially launch the application and use of the LMC Special Fund. All parties agreed to take the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting this time as an opportunity to usher the LMC into a new stage of full implementation from the initiation phase.

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