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Wang Yang Sends Messages on China's Digital Economy Policy to the Outside Community

On November 22, 2016 local time, Vice Premier Wang Yang, who was attending the 27th China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade in Washington D.C. of the US, attended China-US Business Seminar on Digital Economy and delivered a speech.

Wang Yang said that digital economy is an important driving force for world economic development. The G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative adopted at the G20 Hangzhou Summit has put forward guiding principles and key areas for digital economy development and cooperation as well as charted a new course, provided new solutions and brought new hopes for the rejuvenation of the world economy.

Wang Yang pointed out that China is committed to creating an open environment for digital economy. On the basis of fulfilling its commitments upon accession into the World Trade Organization, China has opened eight out of the ten value-added telecom services in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and eased equity limit for foreign investors in e-commerce business around China. China has become the most important overseas market for telecommunication enterprises of the US.

Wang Yang pointed out that properly dealing with the relationship between the development of the digital economy and security is a common problem facing all countries. China is committed to improving fair and standard regulation policies on the digital economy, so as to achieve regulation and development at the same time. China has issued Cybersecurity Law and is now drafting an e-commerce law, so as to enhance the legal protection for the development of the digital economy. China treats all enterprises equally without discrimination.

Wang Yang said that China is committed to strengthening international cooperation in the digital economy. China has hosted the World Internet Conference for 3 consecutive years in Wuzhen of Zhejiang province, with the purpose to build a shared Internet governance platform for the international community. China is willing to actively participate in the discussion of international rules on issues related to the digital economy, forge an open and inclusive business environment, and unleash the development potential of the digital economy. China is willing to meet the US halfway and jointly make a bigger cake of common interests so as to benefit the companies and peoples of both countries.

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker of the US, Trade Representative Michael Froman of the US, and over 100 representatives from business communities, academia and governments of both countries attended the seminar.

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