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Wang Yi Talks about Rodrigo Duterte's Visit to China: China Will Extend Arms of Friendship and Hands of Cooperation to the Philippine People

On October 18, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the press in Beijing that China and the Philippines are neighbors across the sea. People of the two countries enjoy long-lasting and friendly exchanges. Two years ago, the retrogression of bilateral relations not only damaged the interests of the Philippine people, but also affected regional stability. After President Rodrigo Duterte took office, he decides to rebuild friendship with China and is willing to return to the track of dialogue and cooperation. Such decision not only embodies the Philippine people’ s wishes, but also conforms to the Philippines’ national interests as well as complies with the trend of history, which will not be held back by anyone or any force.

Wang Yi said that today, President Rodrigo Duterte will come across the sea to China. This is a historic visit and it will be a new starting point for China-Philippines relations. What I am going to tell you is that China also highly values this visit. We are ready and willing to extend arms of friendship and hands of cooperation to the Philippine people. It is believed that President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit will certainly be a success, which will not only pull China-Philippines relations back on track, but also open up new prospects for bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas.

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