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President Evo Morales of Bolivia Meets with Wang Yi

On October 6, 2016 local time, President Evo Morales of Bolivia met in La Paz with visiting Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Evo Morales said that Bolivia and China are geopolitical partners and the two countries share wide-ranging common grounds on governance philosophies. The Bolivian government and people admire China's development achievements, appreciate China's solemn commitment to the cause of world development, and thank China for its support and assistance in Bolivia's economic and social development. Though Bolivia has a limited territory and population, it stands ready to be a partner who strives and moves forward with Chinese people, keep closer relations of strategic significance with China, and deepen bilateral cooperation in such fields as economy and trade, investment, energy and resources, infrastructure, and public security, so as to promote integration of the Latin American region and regional connectivity.

Wang Yi conveyed President Xi Jinping's warm greetings to Evo Morales. Wang Yi said that China sticks to the diplomatic policy that countries of all sizes are all equal, attaches great importance to developing relations with Bolivia, and appreciates Bolivia's precious achievements gained in national development and Bolivia's long-term adherence to independent diplomatic policy. Bolivian people have fortitude, strong will, and a hardworking spirit, so they will certainly embrace a brighter future. China and Bolivia have many common ideals and interests. China firmly supports Bolivia in exploring the development path suitable for its own national conditions, and will actively promote bilateral practical cooperation in all fields. China will help Bolivia develop processing industry, increase the added-value of its products, and enhance its capacity of independent development, so as to maintain a high-level development of China-Bolivia relations.

Wang Yi stressed that China firmly supports the Latin American integration process as well as actively promotes overall China-Latin America cooperation. When China conducts cooperation with Latin American countries including Bolivia, China always respects the national sovereignty and people's choice of the other side without any political conditions, which is in line with the development demand of Latin American countries. Continuous and healthy development of China-Latin America cooperation is helpful for enhancing overall strengths of developing countries as well as promoting the cause of world peace and development.

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