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Wang Yi: China-Peru Relations Boast Bright Prospects for Development

On October 5, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was on an official visit to Peru, told reporters in Lima that President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski choosing China as the first country to visit after his inauguration fully demonstrates the high importance the President himself attached to China and shows that China-Peru friendship has solid social and public opinion foundation. Bilateral friendship transcends different political views of domestic political parties of Peru and is the consensus among the Peruvian government and people. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's successful visit to China has ensured the smooth transition of bilateral relationship and opened up new prospects for its development after the new Peruvian government taking office. It is believed that as the next stage of high-level exchanges between China and Peru goes along, new impetus will be injected into China-Peru relations, new connotations will be added to China-Peru comprehensive strategic partnership and bilateral relations will be pushed to a new high.

In the next phase, the two sides should focus on the following work. The first is to draft a list of production capacity cooperation projects as soon as possible so as to implement the production capacity cooperation agreement that the two countries signed last year as well as help Peru accelerate its industrialization process, achieve diversified economic development and enhance the capacity for self-development. Secondly, negotiations on an upgraded free trade agreement between the two countries should be launched at a proper time. Peru is the first Latin American country to sign such agreement with China. The agreement has brought tangible benefits to the economic development of the two countries. However, as the situation evolves, both sides need to promote free trade at a higher level and in a broader scope. It is hoped that the two countries can reach an early agreement in principle in this regard. Thirdly, China and Peru should further advance personnel exchanges. It is learned that Peru will provide more convenience for Chinese personnel to visit the country and simplify visa procedures, including limited visa-free arrangements, which will create conditions for the eventual comprehensive visa exemption arrangement between the two countries. It is believed that such measure will effectively boost personnel exchanges between the two countries, enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, and consolidate the public opinion foundation of bilateral relations.

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