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Wang Yi: China Supports Ecuador to Improve Its Self-development Capacity

On October 4, 2016 local time, when meeting the press together with Foreign Minister Guillaume Long of Ecuador in Quito after holding talks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that during this visit, President and Foreign Minister of Ecuador both mentioned that for many years, Ecuador has been influenced and restrained by international commodity price due to its simple economic structure and reliance on primary product exports. Thus, the country is eager to speed up the process of industrialization and achieve diversified economic development. As one of the developing countries, China fully understands Ecuador’s situation and will support Ecuador with practical actions to improve its self-development capacity, accelerate its industrialization process and achieve its goal of diversified development. The Chinese and Ecuadorian economies are highly complementary. China is able to provide the equipment, technology, and personnel training that Ecuador needs during the industrialization process. China will become the most reliable and ideal cooperation partner of Ecuador on its way to development and prosperity. The challenges confronting the Ecuadorian economy are only temporary and China is fully confident of Ecuador’s development prospects.

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