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Wang Yi: China's Assistance in Ecuador's Earthquake Relief Work Reflects Major Country's Sense of Responsibility

On October 4, 2016 local time, when jointly meeting the press with Foreign Minister Guillaume Long of Ecuador in Quito after holding talks, Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that in April this year, a strong earthquake struck Ecuador. Empathized with the situation, the Chinese government and people offered immediate financial, material, and technical support to Ecuador within its capacity. China's assistance is delivered at the fastest speed and in the largest scale. China and Ecuador are strategic partners, good friends, and good brothers. China will continue to offer support and help in the post-disaster reconstruction of Ecuador.

Wang Yi stressed that when other countries and regions in the world encounter catastrophes, China will also offer immediate assistance, because as a responsible big country, China stands ready to shoulder its due responsibilities in international affairs. As China is still a developing country, it may be difficult for China to completely meet the demands in all aspects, but we will definitely offer timely assistance and extend a helping hand to our friends when they are in trouble.

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