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The 8th Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Meeting among China, Japan and the ROK Held in Japan

On August 24, 2016 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, together with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan and Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se of the Republic of Korea (ROK), attended the 8th Trilateral Foreign Ministers' Meeting among China, Japan and the ROK in Tokyo, Japan.

Wang Yi said that the Trilateral Leaders' Meeting restarted in last November after three years, marking a new important opportunity for trilateral cooperation. As the three largest economies in East Asia, China, Japan and the ROK shoulder important responsibilities in boosting regional economic development, leading regional cooperation and safeguarding regional peace and stability. The three countries should, in the spirit of "facing history squarely and advancing towards the future", overcome difficulties, eliminate disturbance, accumulate consensus and focus on cooperation so as to ensure the stable development of trilateral cooperation along the right track. At the next stage, the three sides should build up political mutual trust, launch practical cooperation, facilitate people-to-people exchanges, and advance sustainable development. Through this "four-wheel drive", cooperation among the three countries will be deeply advanced, injecting new impetus into East Asia cooperation.

Wang Yi expressed that China will host the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. As China, Japan and the ROK are all significant members of the G20, China is willing to, together with Japan and the ROK, strengthen communication and cooperation and promote the summit to become one that boosts confidence, synergizes consensus, and charts courses, so that it can make due contributions to stimulating world economic growth and improving global economic governance.

Wang Yi noted that compared with other regions of the world, East Asia enjoys an overall peaceful situation and maintains a relatively rapid economic growth. East Asian countries should make joint efforts with focuses on giving play to the guiding role of China-Japan-ROK cooperation, achieving the goal of East Asian economic community, and pushing forward the construction of the Asian community of shared destiny, so as to advance regional integration process and maintain regional stability, development and prosperity.

Fumio Kishida and Yun Byung-se expressed that trilateral cooperation is conducive to achieving peace, stability and prosperity in the region, which is of great significance. After the Trilateral Leaders' Meeting last year, the three countries actively implemented the meeting's consensus, yielding positive results in cooperation. In the future, the three sides should further strengthen cooperation to aid the improvement of bilateral relations, accelerate the negotiation process on the Free Trade Area and promote the negotiation on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement to complete on schedule. The three countries should discover projects available to the public and take advantage of the opportunity that they will successively host Olympic Games to share experience and carry out cooperation. Cooperation in international affairs, such as anti-terrorism and the Middle East affairs should be strengthened as well. The three sides should also reinforce communication and collaboration in a series of international conferences to be held within this year, and strive to create necessary conditions for convening the Trilateral Leaders' Meeting this year. Both Japan and the ROK support China in making the G20 Hangzhou Summit a success and stand ready to jointly promote the summit to score important results.

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