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Wang Yi Meets with Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda of Japan

On August 24, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Tokyo, Japan with former Prime Minister of Japan and Director-General of the Boao Forum for Asia Yasuo Fukuda.

Wang Yi expressed that at present, China-Japan relations are confronted with certain difficulties and challenges, but face opportunities for improvement and development at the same time. Both sides should abide by the four political documents and the spirit of the four-point principled consensus, properly control contradiction and differences, enhance mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields, and continue to safeguard the improving momentum of bilateral relations. It is hoped that people from all walks of life in Japan can comprehensively and correctly view China's development, earnestly seize opportunities brought by China and continuously advance the improvement and development of bilateral relations.

Yasuo Fukuda said that as the world's third and second largest economies respectively, Japan and China play decisive roles in the region and even the world. Promoting the smooth development of bilateral relations not only conforms to respective interests of the two countries, but also is the common expectation of all regional countries. It is hoped that both sides can continuously enhance dialogues and communication, properly resolve relevant issues and expand practical cooperation, so as to benefit the two peoples.

Both sides also exchanged views on economic situations of the two countries and relevant issues.

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