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Wang Yi Meets with President of Japanese Association for the Promotion of International Trade Yohei Kono

On August 24, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Tokyo with President of the Japanese Association for the Promotion of International Trade and former President of the Liberal Democratic Party Yohei Kono.

Wang Yi expressed that China and Japan are close neighbors connected by the same waters, and a harmonious relationship is the only right way for both countries. As two important countries in East Asia, China and Japan play key roles in Asia's development in the 21st century. Having surpassed bilateral level, China-Japan relations are of great importance to the peaceful development of the region and the world. Although bilateral relationship is facing difficulties at present, people of vision of the two countries should consolidate the political foundation, straighten out bilateral relations, achieve positive interaction and pass down bilateral friendship to the next generation with a sense of historical mission.

Yohei Kono expressed that both sides should inherit the wisdom and efforts of older generations of leaders of the two countries, and calmly view Japan-China relations from a broader horizon. The two countries should adhere to the friendly tradition, show mutual respect and make sensible choices that conform to the long-term interests of the two peoples. The Japanese side should actively respond to the "Belt and Road" construction initiated by China, which not only accords with Japan's interests, but also benefits neighboring countries.

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