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New Nepalese Government Stresses to Firmly Maintain Friendship and Cooperation with China

On August 16, 2016, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Beijing with Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara of Nepal, who was visiting China as special envoy of Nepalese Prime Minister.

Presenting a letter from the Nepalese leader to the Chinese leader, Krishna Bahadur Mahara expressed that Nepal-China relations have a solid foundation, and a friendly policy toward China is the consensus of the government and the public in Nepal, which will not change due to the transition of government. Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal and the new Nepalese government attach great importance to bilateral relations, and will continue the friendly tradition toward China, adhere to the One-China policy, and work with China to forge ahead with various cooperation projects agreed on by the previous government and China, so as to elevate bilateral relations to a new height.

Wang Yi welcomed Krishna Bahadur Mahara’s visit to China as the special envoy shortly after the formation of the new government in Nepal. He expressed that China-Nepal friendship has been tested by time. No matter what changes take place in the international situation or Nepal's domestic situation, China-Nepal friendship, mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation will remain unchanged. China hopes to work with the new Nepalese government to well implement all consensus reached by both leaders, and deepen cooperation in areas including connectivity, transit transport, free trade agreements, post-disaster reconstruction and energy, so as to promote China-Nepal relations for sustainable development. It is expected that all political forces of Nepal can strengthen unity and together advance peace, stability and development in the country.

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